101 in 1001

Update 01-01-12: Clearly I won’t finish by my predetermined deadline of 02-12-12, but I am going to keep going.  I like my list and it is still very attainable.  I am not even sure if I can finish by the end of 2012 but my goal is going to be to complete every item on my 101 list instead of creating a new one.  Many of these items are things I have incorporated into my daily life like giving blood every 6 weeks, cooking homemade meals at home, baking often, sharing my life with those I love, and trying to be a kinder person.  I’m not going to stop!  Peace.

The Mission:

Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:

Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?

Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple goals such as new year’s resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

For more information, or to get ideas to create your own 101 list, check out the Day Zero Project

Jenn’s (2nd attempt at a) 101 in 1001 List

Start Date:  Sunday, May 17, 2009

To be completed by:  Sunday, February 12, 2012

Books, Movies, Music & Web
001 Review old 101 list, update, write a new one, post all to blog, link to Day Zero Project, and put a counter on blog
002 Add 5 new aspects or changes to my blog
003 Make 3 new posts every day for 30 days and analyze results of blog stats
004 Buy a music keyboard
005 Learn how to play a boogie-woogie song on the keyboard
006 Read 101 books
007 Post to blog about completed tasks and link here
008 Load all my photos and videos into Flickr, and organize
009 Organize my RSS Feeds to a system that makes it easier than I have now
010 Buy or acquire 25 new albums
1. Pearl Jam: Vs.
2. The Mountain Goats: All Hail West Texas
3. Shinedown: Sound of Madness
4. 2011 GRAMMY Nominees
5. Valentine’s Day Soundtrack
6. Train: Save Me, San Francisco
7. Adele: 21
8. …Featuring Norah Jones
9. Country Strong
10. Deep Blue Something: Home
11. Michael Grimm: Michael Grimm
12. Florence and The Machine: Lungs

13. Florence and The Machine: Ceremonials
14. Lady Antebellum
15. The Fray: Scars & Stories
16. Cults
17. Bon Iver
18. The Civil Wars: Barton Hollow
19. Grails: Deep Politics
20. Mumford & Sons: Babel

011 Take a real vacation with the kids
012 Get a professional photo of the kids
013 Do 10 super fun, out-of-the-ordinary things with or for the kids that they aren’t expecting
1. Benihana
2. Ripley’s Believe It or Not
3. Water Park
4. Studio Movie Grill
5. Chocolate Factory
6. Bonfire at Park with Stories and Roasting Marshmallows
014 Finish the mom/daughter activity book with Ayla
015 Take the kids to the beach
016 Go letterboxing again
017 Take the kids to a real sporting event
018 Teach Evren how to tie his shoes
019 Go on a tour
020 Take the kids fruit-picking again
021 Teach Evren how to ride his bike
022 Take the kids to Six Flags
023 Teach Evren how to swim or put him in swimming lessons
024 Take the kids to a waterpark
025 Take the kids to three parks we have never been before (2/3)
026 Get another pet – any kind
027 Road Trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa

Home & Organization
028 Get windows washed or wash them myself
029 Transfer old home movies to DVD
030 Renew my passport
031 Sell items on eBay that I’ve been meaning to
032 Write a new will
033 Fix leaky window
034 Go through all closets and get rid of everything that is not used
035 Fix the microwave or buy a new one
036 Clean out the sandbox
037 Frame PTA award and hang in my office and frame Chinese names for kids and hang
038 Buy some flowers/plants and plant them myself in my yard
039 Solve the reading in bed in the evening issue I have
040 Mosaic the fireplace
041 Get rid of those tires in the garage

Food & Drink
042 Go to five different ethnic restaurants and a fondue restaurant (5/6)
(Ethiopian, Iranian, Persian, Swedish, Peruvian, Egyptian)
043 Eat profiteroles
044 Cook crab legs
045 Make five different ice cream flavors with my ice cream maker (2/5)
(Strawberry, Mint Chocolate)
046 Make 20 new recipes
1. Grilled Chicken Roller
2. Spaghetti with Sweet Sausage and Cabbage
3. Crustless Bacon and Cheese Quiche
4. Chickpeas with Broccoli Rabe and Bacon
5. Corn and Crab Chowder
6. No-Time Pesto Pasta
7. Angel-Hair Pasta with Bacon and Peas
8. Chickpea Curry
9. Greek Style Skillet Supper
10. Best Ever Barbecue Beans
11. Home Style Hamburger Hash
12. Easy Slow Cooker A-1 Swiss Steak
13. Green Bean Spaghetti Carbonara
14. Sausage, White Bean and Spinach Stew
15. Grilled Cheddar Burgers and Veggies
16. Slow Cooker Hungarian Beef Stew
17. Sizzlin’ Skillet Baked Chicken
18. Slow Cooker Chicken Alfredo Stew
19. Loaded Potato Casserole
20. Slow Cooker Pot Roast
047 Bake 20 new recipes
1. The Best Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
2. Honey Cornbread
3. Coconut Cream Pound Cake
4. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread
5. New Orleans Praline Brownies
6. Turtle Brownie Cups
7. Buttermilk-Blueberry Breakfast Cake
8. Apricot-Oatmeal Muffins
9. To Die For Banana Cake with Vanilla Bean Frosting
10. Praline Brookies
11. Chai-Spiced Bread
12. Streusel-Topped Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins
13. Halloween Poke Cake
14. Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie
15. Cranberry-Pumpkin Cookies
16. Apple Pie
17. Cranberry Muffins
18. Lemon-Zucchini Pound Cake
19. Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf
20. Pumpkin Pecan Spice Cookies
048 Go wine tasting
049 Have 20 new wines, beers, liquors or cocktails I haven’t tried before (without becoming an alcoholic)
1. Mirassou Pinot Grigio
2. Skinnygirl Margarita
3. Flight of Beer at Whiskey Cake
4. Ziegenbock
5. UV Cake Vodka
6. Fox Barrel Pacific Pear Cider
7. Vootbeer
8. Spiked Apple Cider Cocktail
9. Plum Loco Wine
10. Old Fashioned
11. Iced Spiked Mocha
12. Loopy Sprite
13. Grapefruit Margarita
14. Ruby Red Tequila Cocktail
15. Midouri Sour
16. Amaretto Sour
050 Learn how to make really good iced coffee that I am willing to drink so I am not contributing so much to Starbucks’ bottom line

Health & Wellness
051 Accomplish my 2009 35th birthday goal
052 Buy a bike and ride it
053 Run 1 mile
054 Run 2 miles
055 Run 3 miles
056 Get to a healthy BMI according to my snotty Wii Fit

Personal & Enrichment
057 List one thing I am grateful for every day, and post on my blog
058 Take an adult ed class for fun, or complete on MIT Open Course Ware class
059 Cross-stitch something from subversive cross-stitch for myself and also for someone else
060 Send a postcard to PostSecret
061 Update resume
062 Add $10 to vacation account for every completed task (61/101)
063 Become a member of Post Crossing and participate
064 Get a raise
065 Go to a live performance (dance, music, theater)
066 Learn something new that pertains to my job
067 Visit five museums, at least three of which I haven’t been to before
068 Go see a movie at an ArtHouse theater that is not showing in the regular theaters

Because I Deserve It
069 Do or buy something ridiculous (IMO)
070 Design and buy my own mix of See’s candies
071 Buy a piece of expensive chocolate and enjoy it
072 Go to Vegas
073 Get a professional massage (not just from the next guy who offers)
074 Buy something I love from Etsy
075 Spend that gift card I have at the Westin spa
076 Make more money in 2009 than I did in 2008
077 Make more money in 2010 than I did in 2009
078 Make more money in 2011 than I did in 2010
079 Take a very girly bubble bath three times (3/3)
080 Subscribe to three magazines I want

Why the Hell Not
081 Go to a big Bingo Hall and play Bingo
082 Post some old photos on Facebook
083 Go to two festivals or fairs (Art Festival 10/11)
084 Go to garage sales five times
085 Complete a 1000+ piece puzzle
086 Go to a drive-in or dive-in movie
087 Put my business card into at least 20 free lunch contests
088 Refinish/redecorate one piece of furniture
089 Have a party at my house
090 Complete a 26 things project
Sit on the porch in the rain and enjoy it
092 Have my girls over to play the Mother game

Because We Should All Be a Little Nicer
093 Bake a birthday cake for three different people
094 Donate blood four times
095 Do 15 unsolicited very nice things for friends or strangers (7/15)
096 Write letters to five people I know letting them know how much they mean to me
097 Do something meaningful with my Leslie to Melvin letters
098 Do a volunteer/donation project with children
099 Add my name to the bone marrow donation list
100 Buy enough reusable bags, keep in trunk, and stop getting plastic bags
101 Send out 10 cards, to let people know I am thinking of them (7/10)


7 responses to “101 in 1001

  1. Charles

    February 9, 2007 at 5:19 pm

    Saw this and initially thought what a pain, but read it and it’s such a great thing to do
    good luck!

  2. dailyfoolishness

    May 19, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    I need 3 more items to add to this list, if anyone has any good ideas. I deleted a couple that were to easy, and combined a few that I had separated to try to fill up the list. THREE MORE!! Argh… I can’t think of one more thing… (I actually need two more, but I’m rethinking another also. Anyone??)

  3. marg

    May 24, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    Here’s some suggestions to complete your list:

    1. Call your mother once a month.
    2. Take your mother to Six Flags with the kids.
    3. Take a professional photo WITH your kids for your mother.
    4. Take your mother to Vegas with you.

  4. marg

    May 24, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    On your old list I counted 56 completions and 4 in progress when it expired. I think that’s something to be proud of! Especially since you finished every item under the “Finance” and “Business” headings! And also since you’ve had some major life changes since that list was started over 3 years ago! You go girl!

    (What? So you think I’m trying to get on your good side so you will consider my previous suggestions for your list?!?)

  5. Evelyn

    April 14, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    I made a list too a couple of years ago and found it so helpful in motivating me to achieve my medium term goals. Lots of good ideas in this one – love it 🙂


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