The First One – Expired

This was my first 101 in 1001 List, and the date has expired. I’ll post in blue notes I’ve written after the due date, and then I will create my  new list.  I’ll update in orange items I completed after this list expired.

Jenn’s First 101 in 1001 List

Start Date: Sunday June 25, 2006

To be completed by Sunday March 22, 2009. – how the hell did this day come and go?!?!

Home & Organization
1. Decorate my bedroom. – never did this, but have gotten one compliment on the minimilist look of my room.
2. Fix up my bathroom including mosaic on bathtub.  [Done 5/27/08]
3. Decorate and paint Evren’s room. [Done 7/9/07]
4. Transfer all VHS tapes I have to DVD. – argh, seems so daunting, will go on my new list.
5. Organize all the kid’s DVDs and label. [Done 7/24/06] 
6. Shelf paper in the kitchen, pantry, & laundry room. [Done 7/8/06]
7. Organize the kitchen drawers with dividers. [Done 7/7/06 – It’s beautiful]
8. Organize the garage. [Done 2/15/08]
9. Do something with the landscaping, front & back. [Done 10/07.]
10. Get labels up to date in photo albums and online photos. [Done 10/20/06]
11. Get a professional photo done of the children. – going on new list.
12. Figure out how to use iPhoto & iDVD properly. – updated version going on new list.
13. Get the carpets cleaned. [Done 7/5/06]
14. Get the windows washed, or wash them myself. – gross.  going on new list.
15. Buy and keep at least one houseplant alive or decide to decorate with fake plants. [Done 2/15/08]
16. Finish Evren’s baby photo album. [Done 6/29/06 – My first to be completed!]

17. Put the home finances on some sort of accounting software. [Done 2/08]
18. Start, manage and then spend a Christmas fund. [Done 2/08]
19. Start, manage and then spend a birthday fund (for myself). [Done 2/08]
20. Learn ‘online bill pay’ and actually use it. [Done 7/16/06]
21. Pay off all furniture credit. [Done 11/07]
22. Figure out a way to not be insanely stressing out over money, the budget and finances every month. [Definite changes made. Done 11/15/06]
23. Update UPromise,, and credit card rewards programs. [Done 11/15/06]

Books, Movies & Music
24. Catalog or record all the books I read/have read. [Thank you Bookpedia. Done 11/29/06]
25. Watch all those episodes of Alias I missed. [Done 12/7/06]
26. Get the 4400 on DVD and watch all of them – then Tivo new ones. [Done 10/6/06]
27. See Chick Corea play in concert again.  – sigh.
28. See Pat Metheny play in concert again. – so sad.
29. See David Wilcox play in concert again. 
30. See at least one band I’ve never seen in concert live. – didn’t do these because of financial reasons, had higher priorities.
31. Watch all Oscar-nominated best picture movies one year before awards. – never gonna happen, not going on new list.
32. Go see a play or live performance. – really need to get out more.
33. Reread 20 of my all-time favorite books and make sure I own them. <In Progress.>

  1. Clan of the Cave Bear 9/4/06
  2. The Red Tent by Anita Diamant 2/5/07
  3. The Awakening by Kate Chopin 6/07  again 07/09
  4. Cold Mountain 6/08
  5. To Kill a Mockingbird 8/08
  6. The Life of Pi 11/27/08
  7. The Devil and the White City 2009

34. Buy an iPod or similar device.  [2009]
35. Learn how to play at least one Boogie-Woogie song on the piano. – need a piano or a keyboard first, going on new list.
36. Go to a comedy night or a live stand-up comedy show. [Done 10/07]
37. Buy 15 music CDs that I love and listen to more music. [Done]

  1. Mountain Goats – Sunset Tree
  2. David Wilcox – Vista
  3. Johnny Cash – Lonesome in Black
  4. Mountain Goats – Get Lonely
  5. Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974
  6. Walk the Line Soundtrack
  7. A.J. Croce – That’s Me in the Bar
  8. Bare Naked Ladies – Stunt
  9. Jeff Buckley – Grace
  10. Jenny Lewis – Rabbit Fur Coat
  11. Lovage – Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By
  12. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  13. Sheryl Crow – Tuesday Night Music Club
  14. Rufus Wainwright – Rufus Wainwright
  15. Edith Frost – Wonder Wonder

Travel – wow,  I had grand travel plans didn’t I?  
38. Go tent camping. 
39. Go to Galveston for a small vacation with the kids.
40. Go to Vegas again. – going on new list.
41. Take a trip with Elsa.
42. RV Road Trip – even if it’s only for a long weekend.
43. Go on a cruise or at least have a reservation/deposit down.
44. Visit a state or country I’ve never been to before.
45. Join AAA or at least do research and have a good reason not to. [Joined AAA 5/08]
46. Visit Kellie and her two darling babies.

Food & Drink
47. Go to a fondue restaurant. – going on new list.
48. Go to a sushi restaurant with someone who knows sushi.  [don’t really like it]
49. Get really drunk. [Uh, yeah, I can cross this one off now]
50. Try 15 different new to me cocktails or mixed drinks. <In Progress.>

  1. Lemon Drop
  2. Wedding Cake Martini
  3. Jack & Diet Coke
  4. Rum & Diet Coke
  5. Mimosa
  6. Vodka Collins
  7. Cape Codder
  8. Tom Collins
  9. Gin & Tonic
  10. Chocolate Peppermint Martini
  11. Ketel Cran
  12. Madras
  13. Pomegranite Martini

51. Make 5 different homemade ice creams in my ice cream maker. <In Progress>

1. Blackberry – made from fresh picked blackberries 7/3/07

52. Go fruit (or veggie) picking & then cook yummy food with what was collected. [Done: Blackberry & Peach Picking 7/1/07]
53. Make profiteroles from scratch. – this is my favorite dessert ever.
54. Learn how to cook crab legs. – might possibly be my favorite food.
55. Learn how to cook kick-ass ribs. <Get recipe from Tara.>
56. Make a super cool Halloween dessert for Elsa’s Halloween Party.

Health & Wellness
57. Get to my goal weight of 135. – definitely not there.
58. Play racquetball again.  [Done 11/08 – loved it!!]
59. Buy a bike and ride it. – going on new list, almost did several times in the past couple of years.
60. Lower all aspects of my cholesterol into the normal range. – have always been borderline.
61. Start AND finish a tooth whitening regime. [Done 4/24/07]
62. Run 3 miles without stopping and do 10 perfect push-ups in a row.
63. Take 4 different classes at the gym that I haven’t tried before.
64. Go for one week without buying anything from or of Starbucks. [Done 12/29/06]
65. Keep floss picks in the car and make flossing a more regular habit. [Done.]
66. Get a pet. Any kind. [Done 8/06 – 2 fish – added two cats in 2008]
67. Get a professional massage. – going on new list.

68. Make $1000 profit in one month. [Ended up getting a real job.]
69. Attend eBay Live!.  [Done with eBay – never went.]
70. Go to that really big flea market I’ve always wanted to go to. [Done 3/3/07]
71. Design my business website. [Done 1/13/06]
72. Design my About Me page on eBay. [Done, Satisfactory enough 1/15/06]
73. Buy something with the eBay or Powerseller Logo on it.  [Done with eBay]
74. Advertise my business in at least two more places. [Done 3/25/07]
75. Buy a new digital camera and learn how to use it properly. [Done 8/06]
76. Buy some piece of equipment that copies AND scans. [Scanner bought 11/13/06]
77. Put the business finances on some sort of accounting software. [Developed my own spreadsheet system, Done 2/07]
78. Back up my hard drive. [Got a whole system in place now. Done 9/30/06]
79. Figure out a recycling system for my office. [Done 6/8/06]

80. Complete at least 3 merit badges from the You Can Do It! Handbook.  [Done 09/08]
81. Keep up with my journal and include this list with photos. [Done as my blog]
82. Buy a piece of expensive chocolate just for myself, and enjoy it. – I did spend some money on some exotic chocolates from this fun chocolate store, I think I intended to blog about it and never got around to it.
83. Get really high thread count sheets. [Done 3/2/07, a gift from my mom.]
84. Read a really good book all at once, only getting up to pee & eat[Did this after this list expired, great day!]
85. Take an adult ed class for fun.
86. Cross-stitch something from subversive cross-stitch. – definitely going on new list.

Why the Hell Not
87. Do something crazy with my hair, even if it’s only temporary.
88. Wear a halter-top. In public. – Why did I put this one on here? I’m an idiot.
89. Get a tattoo or a piercing.  – not going on new list.
90. Go skydiving. [Done 7/9/06 Amazing!!]
91. Go to one of those big Bingo halls and play Bingo.
92. Spend at least one night in a really classy hotel. [Done]
93. Go to a professional sporting event.  [Professional hockey game – very cool!]

Because I’m Just Nice That Way
94. Bake a themed birthday/celebration cake for someone.
95. Volunteer in a more meaningful way at the elementary school. – how does one do this with a full-time job?  not certain…
96. Put together my Grammy’s recipes and give a copy to everyone in my
extended family as a gift
. [Done 12/25/06]
97. Donate blood four times. [Done 4/6/07]

  1. 8/19/06
  2. 12/12/06
  3. 02/08/07
  4. 04/06/07

98. Learn how to and actually knit or crochet a baby blanket and then give
as a gift to someone. <Have a book, now I need to teach myself.> – too lazy.
99. Do 10 Unsolicited VERY NICE THINGS for friends or strangers.  [Done 2008]

  1. Made a birthday cake for friend who wasn’t expecting it.
  2. Made a ton of cookies then spent the afternoon delivering them to friends.
  3. Special Krispy Kreme deliveries.
  4. Dinner & groceries to new parents.
  5. Surpise donut run.
  6. Get Well care package mailed out.
  7. Made 10 dozen cookies for friends.
  8. Clothing donations.
  9. Homemade birthday cake & gift for someone not expecting it.
  10. Donut run.

100. Register at and do 20+ actions. [Done 9/20/06, more than 20.]
101. Do 10 superfun out-of-the-ordinary activities with the children that they
aren’t expecting. <In Progress>

  1. Medieval Times on 10/5/06
  2. Mom & Me Campout 10/27/06
  3. Halloween Night Hike 10/30/06
  4. Museum Exhibition 2/24/07
  5. Hockey Game & Sleepover 3/1/08
  6. Hawaiian Falls Surprise Day with Friends 7/08
  7. Letterboxing 8/31/08

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