Thankful to 1001

I’ve always wanted to have a journal where I jot down everyday things I am thankful for, so I made it a task on my newest 101 list, and I’ve made it quite daunting so it’s a bit of an effort.  I intend to write one thing every day for the duration of the list that I am thankful for and I will post them here, by date.  It’s important I remember how good I have it in life and not be so pissy all the time about stupid stuff.  We’ll see if this helps with that.

I am thankful for…

10/01 the great deal I got at a great book sale
09/30 surviving my first time giving a dog a bath
09/29 a surprise phone call from a friend
09/28 being able to get away from work to have lunch with a friend
09/27 our new dog who we love so much
09/26 a nice afternoon and great conversation with a friend
09/25 two healthy children
09/24 the flu shot
09/23 Baby Ruth and Butter Finger
09/22 Garlic Parmesan Chicken Flatbread from Buffalo Wild Wings
09/21 my two really great kids
09/20 having good credit
09/19 my comfy couch
09/18 Tivo
09/17 the fact that survival is not my number one mission every day
09/16 pizza delivery
09/15 really good books
09/14 my bed, which is really comfortable
09/13 my sister-in-law
09/12 beer
09/11 not having more than two kids
09/10 having health insurance
09/09 having a job
09/08 books
09/07 my house
09/06 my dinner, which turned out fabulous, and the kids loved it too
09/05 Being Human
09/04 cake
09/03 air-conditioner
09/02 my cats, who make my house a home (they are great accessories)
09/01 a nice evening catching up with an old friend
08/31 an unexpected dinner
08/30 my kids being old enough to let me sleep in on the weekends
08/29 lazy days
08/28 cake for breakfast
08/27 Project Runway
08/26 my kids chitter-chatter about the goings on at school
08/25 the book I’m reading now – The Help
08/24 all the books I got for my birthday
08/23 cake
08/22 my mom and dad – I am truly lucky
08/21 my car repairs not being worse than they were – I think I got off easy
08/20 my children being so well-behaved in 99 degree heat at Six Flags today
08/19 my parents coming to visit today!
08/18 having the theatre to ourselves
08/17 two well-behaved children at the waterpark today – it made the day soooo enjoyable!
08/16 Mad Men (another great show Tara has recommended)
08/15 Advil PM
08/14 my silly son having the time of his life and being silly
08/13 my co-worker who loans me copies of Being Human because I don’t get BBC America
08/12 having friends I can spill my guts to when I need it
08/11 a successful 6th birthday party for Evren, it was great!
08/10 my cupcake carrier
08/09 cute neighbor’s puppy Nilla who makes me smile
08/08 finding deals at garage sales
08/07 Sharpie pens
08/06 60 cent boneless wing Thursdays
08/05 my kids’ easy going attitude, it makes my life sooo much easier
08/04 my little brother who turns 27 (!) today
08/03 hand-me-downs (thank-you Becky!!)
08/02 wake-up calls
08/01 the first day of my birthday month – I love August
07/31 my kiddos who have a great sense of humor
07/30 surprise packages in the mail from my mom!
07/29 people who bring me oatmeal raisin cookies
07/28 my mom who sends me funny jokes
07/27 when others are courteous
07/26 the G-Force movie, the kids and I had a great morning together
07/25 friends who kept a great attitude even though our letterboxing day wasn’t the most successful
07/24 the most amazing strawberry cupcake someone gave me today
07/23 hearing from an old friend
07/22 pretty paperclips
07/21 the satisfaction of finishing a great book
07/20 being able to work from home so I don’t have to leave a key for the a/c guys
07/19 that the air-conditioner is back up and running
07/18 having a great chat on the phone with my mom and dad today
07/17 a nice lunch at Sweet Tomato with co-workers, and then my boss surprised me by buying my lunch
07/16 my boss was so understanding as to let me work from home so I could get a/c quotes
07/15 venti Starbucks double-shot over ice
07/14 free Mocha Mondays at McDonald’s
07/13 the joy of starting a new book
07/12 Sonic happy hour
07/11 the kids keeping up a good attitude through a not very fun weekend
07/10 having lunch with 2 of my favorite guys
07/09 a relaxing evening
07/08 my kids who make me laugh every day
07/07 cheesy popcorn
07/06 my mom, who sends me random packages; she is awesome
07/05 not being born a Fundamentalist Mormon (book I’m reading…)
07/04 a wonderful evening watching fireworks
07/03 a day off and the active pursuit of relaxation
07/02 for a Thursday that was a Friday, day off tomorrow!
07/01 hot tamales, and the sweet friend that brought me some today
06/30 Target, so I don’t have to go to Wal-Mart
06/29 having a nice evening with two good friends
06/28 seeing someone I had missed
06/27 feeling so wonderful after finishing a really great book
06/26 a wonderful lunch I got to have with an old friend
06/25 watching Ayla play really well during her volleyball games
06/24 my house
06/23 receiving my first Post Crossing postcard, from New Jersey
06/22 a great evening, with a new friend, and a hilarious movie
06/21 time to read a book
06/20 lazy days to do whatever we want
06/19 cupcakes
06/18 Shadow the snake, who shed his skin today, and it looks so awesome
06/17 bacon
06/16 the cats who entertain me trying to get the June Bugs through the window
06/15 air-conditioning
06/14 enjoying the movie UP with kids – it was great
06/13 the gift of watching my son get the courage to jump in the pool and be so proud of himself (and then he did it 500 more times)
06/12 lunch with great co-workers
06/11 the rainstorm that caused a power outage that allowed me to stay home from work today
06/10 Janene, who calls me baby, and is a bright spot in my day
06/09 the phone call I had with my dad today, it’s his 70th birthday and he really, really like the gift and the card I sent him
06/08 my sweet daughter who hid a note in my computer bag, that I found this morning after I got to work, that says: To Mom, From Ayla, This Note is a Hug from Me to You, Can You Feel It? (made me cry)
06/07 the time to read a good book
06/06 Evren’s self-proclaimed best friend Katie, who is absolutely adorable
06/05 the afternoon off so that I could take my kids to a swimming party and celebrate the last day of school
06/04 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
06/03 Shadow the snake who we get to babysit for the whole summer, he is sooo cute!
06/02 morning rain
06/01 good discussion about a good book with good friends
05/31 sunny days
05/30 friends with pools
05/29 friends who recognize my sincere love of bacon
05/28 So You Think You Can Dance – it makes me happy
05/27 my boss who is normally great, but today was exactly the boss I needed him to be
05/26 people who make me smile
05/25 the plants my neighbor Becky gave to my children to get them excited about growing beautiful things
05/24 having fun with good friends at a Memorial Day barbecue
05/23 the great weather today – not too hot, not too cold
05/22 my children’s health
05/21 my awesome skills of persuasion and coupon-clipping diligence that got me 4 bags of cat food, 1 can of cat food, and one container of cat litter for under 12 bucks today
05/20  my neighbor Becky who made us dinner the other night, which was so yummy and there was so much that we are still eating it
05/19  friendly co-workers who say nice things while passing in the hallway
05/18  Barenaked Ladies – their music always makes me smile
05/17  coupons, and especially to S from work who gave me two really great coupons that worked!! (and I didn’t believe they would)


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