Dinner Conversation

02 Dec

Leftover meatloaf and potatoes was what was on the menu tonight. It feels like I have a brick in my stomach now but whatever, it was good. Here are some snippets from our conversation at the dinner table tonight.

Ayla: “Hey Mom! You want to hear a secret?!? Huh?!?”

Jenn: “What?”

Ayla: “I LIKE PIE!” (Laughing and amused with herself)

Jenn: “What, that’s a secret? Everyone knows you’ll eat anything with whipped cream on it. You would eat a pencil if it had whipped cream on it.”

Ayla: (still laughing, but throws on her snotty voice for effect) “Uh, nooooo….but I WOULD lick the whipped cream off the pencil!”

(and then, a little later)

Evren making an announcement: “DONALD DUCK IS A PENGUIN!!!” (Hysterical laughter at his joke)

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