07 Dec

In the car this morning after dropping Ayla at school Evren and I took a drive to the nearest Starbucks with a drive-thru. It’s a town over, but whatever. Don’t judge me. The entire way there he gave me a play-by-play of every scene from the Lilo & Stitch movie. (You know he doesn’t ever stop talking while he’s awake.) Then after we got our chocolatey-coffee goodness we were on our way home and I was listening to NPR on the radio and there was a woman being interviewed talking about Muslim CULTURE.

This prompted Evren’s very insightful question, “Mommy, what’s a culture?” (Excellent, I thought, let’s get this learning opportunity rolling.) “Well, honey, culture is how you grow up. We live in an American culture, your daddy grew up in a Turkish culture. Hey! Can you guess what your culture is?” With no pause for reflection, Evren replies with this..”Mommy, does everyone have a skeleton?” (????) “Wait! I thought we were talking about culture?!”

“No, mommy, I want to talk about skeletons.” Well, that we did. This in-depth discussion on skeletons prompted some questions I had a hard time with.

Like, “Where do skeletons come from?” Er, good question! I think I fumbled through that one with something about when a baby is in a mommy’s tummy, etc.

Here was another good one…”Do skeletons have hair?” (easy, I got this one.) “No.” But, you know what the next question was, don’t you? “Why not?” I think my genius answer went something like, “Honey, that’s just the way it is.”

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