Baking: Holiday Pretzel Treats

12 Dec

Holiday Pretzel TreatsClick the photo for a larger  pic.

The Friends of the Library is a group of volunteers that support the local public library.  They are called on whenever the library is having a fundraiser to provide time and effort.  And of course you pay a fee to join, so that there is another way the library is able to raise funds.  This past year, I managed to join not only one, but two of these Friends of the Library groups.  “Wow!  She is so charitable!  Where does she find the time?!,” I’m sure you are saying to yourself right this moment.  (Ha!  ok, enough laughing.)

The first one I joined was the Friends of the R* Public Library and I only did so to get into to their super-huge annual book sale on opening night.  Only ‘friends’ got the opening night pass so I gladly paid the fee to join, got to go on the first night and it was totally worth it – I brought home a stack of books that are still piled on my night stand.  I think I paid something like 13 bucks including the fee to join and came away with more than a dozen books.

THEN, later in the year, I heard that the A* Public Library was hosting their annual membership drive, which I have been wanting to go to ever since I heard about it a couple of years ago.  It’s called The Chocolate Orgy.  Ahhh…it all makes sense now – you KNOW I couldn’t miss that.  I have lots of friends in A*, so not only did I attend, I made a bazillion mini dark, dark chocolate cupcakes for the event and out of support, also joined their Friends of the Library group.  (Well, the way they herded you into the event, you had to pay before they even let you SEE the chocolate, so I paid whatever they were asking!)  It was a beautiful evening and the next morning, after having had a plate of chocolate for dinner, woke up with my first ever pounding headache, chocolate hangover.  (Who knew?!)

So, this past week I got an e-mail from one of these groups and apparently they really do want you to volunteer!  It was especially funny because the woman who wrote the e-mail didn’t clarify which library she was with and I had to sheepishly write back asking her, “er, which library are you with? In a frenzy, I’ve managed to sign up with more than one.”  Turns out, she was with the R* library and was asking us to please bring some yummy treat up to the library today as a thank-you to the librarians.   Sure!  Any excuse to make anything that falls under the category of Desserts – that’s my kind of volunteer project.

So, Evren and I made yummy Holiday Pretzel Treats this morning and took a big container of them up to the library.  Evren was in charge of unwrapping the Hershey Kisses – a skill at which he excels.  It’s super easy and great for gift-giving.  (The mailman got some today too.)

We weren’t able to get away from the library without about 5 hugs to the life-size Clifford dog they have and a half-dozen Berenstain Bears books.

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