Free Oreos

13 Dec

I went to donate blood last night.  I tried last month and didn’t realize that they had some absurd rule that you couldn’t both go to the dentist AND donate blood in the same day.  I had Evren at the drop-off day care and was trying to take care of everything at once.  (I started to write ‘kill two birds with one stone’ but does anyone even say that anymore?!  It seems kind of brutal.)  Anyway, I got a call last week so I said, ‘yeah, sign me up.’  Everything went as planned and it turns out, they changed the questionnaire and the whole ‘under the care of a dentist’ issue isn’t even on there anymore!

Here is a great way to donate something during this holiday season without spending any money!  In fact, they’ll give YOU some cookies and a T-shirt, but you can feel good about yourself.  I think one of their holiday mottos that they have is something like ‘Give The Gift That Always Fits and Never Gets Returned.’  Catchy.

Think about it.  It takes less than an hour.

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