Strict Demands

13 Dec

Evren and I went on an early morning grocery store run yesterday.  The brilliance that is management at this particular store set up a HUGE toy display right inside the front door that you can’t miss and provokes all sorts of demands and tantrums.  I had coupons and I had completely forgotten about the display, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone there.  But, we did finally manage to get away from the display after touching every single toy and trying to put more than one into the cart.  (You think you know me, but I didn’t give in this time!)

We started in the produce section and I casually asked Evren, “So, what kind of fruits should we get today.”  His mood was fine, pleasant and cordial even, and he didn’t seem to be catastrophically affected by the toy situation of 5 minutes previous.  But, yet, this was his answer, yelling…”GRAPES AND STRAWBERRIES!!”  And then me, “Yikes, Evren, why are you yelling at me?”  He says calmly, yet sternly…”Grapes and Strawberries are my favorite.  I.  Told. You. That. THREE. Times.”

Alright.  I got it.  Geez.

(In case you are wondering how this riveting tale turns out, when we actually made it to the grapes and strawberries and I actually gasped out loud at the prices I gave him the choice between grapes at $1.99 a pound and strawberries at $3.99 for a container.  He chose the strawberries and now, less than 24 hours later, they are all gone, he ate all of them himself.)

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