18 Dec

In the car driving from the doctor’s office to Target to fill his prescription today…
(Has nothing at all to do with the story, that’s just what we happened to be doing)

Evren: “I don’t want to have fishes anymore.”

Jenn:  “What?!  Why not?”

Evren:  “I want a new pet.  I want a cat.”

Jenn:  “Me too. (sigh)”

Evren:  “Actually I want a parrot.”  (aside: it’s the cutest thing when a 3-year old says ‘Actually’) “Mom?  Do parrots stink?”

(that was the reason I said no to having a pet rabbit)

Jenn:  “No, I don’t think parrots stink, but I think they are hard to take care of.”

Evren:  “Mom.  (exasperated)  I’ll TELL you how to take care of a parrot.  You go to the store and buy some parrot food and then you feed the parrot food to the parrot.”

Jenn: “That’s it?”

Evren:  “Yep.  That’s it.”

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