Ordinary Day

22 Dec

Naughty Evren
Yesterday was a pretty average day. Normal things were done. Errands were run. Laundry was folded and then not put away. Ayla got out of school early for the beginning of her holiday break and then we spent a lovely two hours in Wal-Mart waiting for the oil to be changed. All typical.

And here are some things that actually came out of my mouth yesterday and are also all typical and not out of the ordinary.

“Quit trying to cut the Legos with the scissors! PUT. THE. SCISSORS. DOWN!”

“You are NOT bringing the vacuum cleaner parts with you in the car! No! Get out of the hall closet and get in the car RIGHT NOW!


(we have a huge hardcover children’s atlas that is nearly as big as Evren that he had positioned at the top of the stairs and he was sitting on it with a wicked grin on his face)
“OH NO! Get up! You are NOT going to slide down the stairs on that book! You are going to bust your butt! Slowly…… get up……. back away…..”

“No Doritos for breakfast. No, you are not having Doritos for breakfast. Go put them back. No. No. Mommy said no. Did you hear me? Quit asking me. NO. No Doritos for breakfast. (… and on for at least 5 more minutes.)

“That snowman is a weapon! No! Don’t throw it!”

“Please quit smashing those peanuts with the hammer on Mommy’s desk. No. Your daddy DOES NOT crack open the peanuts that way. No. We are NOT taking the hammer in the car with us.”

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