01 Jan


And you know what this means.  I’ve started Weight Watchers.  Again.  The usual resolution.

Earlier this year I came across a great idea.  It’s a list called ‘101 in 1001’.  It’s a list of 101 things you want to accomplish and your timeline is 1001 days (or about 2.75 years).

If you know me, you know I love lists and here I’ve found the ultimate of all lists.  It took me a couple of weeks to come up with my list and I’m going to share it.  There’s a link to it here on the side of the page.  I’ll keep it updated and make notes here in this blog along the way.  I’ve already crossed off quite a few things from when I started this past summer.

If you want to create your own list and need more ideas and inspiration – here is an excellent site to help you with that.  And if you want to share your list with someone, feel free to share it with me.

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