Crafty: There is Always Time For a Glass of Wine

06 Oct

I saw this quote online and it reminded me of a friend who has a birthday tomorrow.  But the sign was very rustic and her taste is more elegant, so I wondered if I could recreate the sentiment in a different style as a personalized gift for her.

I downloaded some free fonts online first and practiced with a few different ones I liked to pick the perfect one.  Then I went to the craft store to buy an inexpensive (50% off!) but fancy frame, a few pieces of open stock scrapbook paper (also 50% off!) and a couple of flower embellishments that I thought might match (40% off!).

I printed the quote directly onto the scrapbook paper (tried a couple different papers to see which one I liked best) in dark brown with a shadow and cut it to size.  I pulled out my hot glue gun and made sure the three flowers were very well adhered to the frame, and…ta-da!  Easy.  And even though it’s not expensive, I was thinking of someone in particular and it made me happy to make this for her.  I hope she likes it!

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