Advent Calendar Day 13

14 Dec

Advent Calendar Day 13: Buy small presents for the pets

The kids always want to buy gifts for the pets and I never really do.  What do they care? is my question.  But Ayla and Evren think it’s fun and … ok, I had a coupon for the pet store.  You know that’s the real reason I agreed.

So, after we were done playing with all the cute cats, we got down to business.

The kids picked out some catnip, cat toys and a laser for Cupcake & Pepper and some treats and a stuffed squeaky hedgehog for Nala.

We came home, dumped our bags on the kitchen counter, and watched a little tv before bedtime.  About 15 minutes later we heard some conspicuous noises coming from the kitchen and discovered that Cupcake had fished the catnip container out of the grocery bag, tossed it to the floor, and was rubbing her body all over it … the closed container.

So, yea, I think we picked out a good gift.


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2 responses to “Advent Calendar Day 13

  1. Tara

    December 14, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    Henry told me he wants to go shopping for cousin Cupcake et al this weekend. Yaay!

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