Mother’s Day 2012

13 May

Evren brought me the paper this morning…turns out it was a special edition…

My favorite is: “I really love the way she gets craftsy.”  …and I love that he knows me so well.

Ayla has tortured me for nearly a month and gets the award for *most prepared for Mother’s Day*.  She rode her bike to the store, bought me a present and card with her own money, wrapped it and there it sat on the kitchen counter taunting me this whole time.  I finally got to open it today!  She got me two nail polishes (I’ve already painted my nails today, she picked the perfect color!) and a really funny card.

I am truly a it’s the thought that counts person and they both did a wonderful job of making me feel like they really took the time to think about me.  I am so lucky to have such wonderful kids.

I am also thankful every single day for my mother who made sure that I never doubted for one single second of my life that I am loved.


Happy Mother’s Day.

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One response to “Mother’s Day 2012

  1. marg

    May 19, 2012 at 10:44 am

    My computer’s been broke for a week (actually the surge protector) so I just saw this! You are a very special person and most definitely loved by your whole family—-Momm

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