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Happy 14th Birthday Ayla!

Ayla August 2001

This little angel is 14 years old today.  Believe it.  Or convince me to believe it because I don’t.  There’s no way I can be this old.


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39th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to the two most awesome parents anyone could ever be so lucky to call their own.


I hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it.  Love you!!

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2012 Advent Calendar: Dec. 22nd

Dec. 22

And we did!  Headed South to warm weather and a lovely Christmas with family.  We didn’t do any more Advent Calendar days after this because the rest of our trip was already packed with fun.  We had a mini-family reunion with about 32 people packed into my grandfather’s house on Sunday followed by our first round of presents Sunday night.  On Christmas Eve we relaxed, went shopping and enjoyed family before the kids got to open one present in the evening.  It was a great holiday!


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2012 Advent Calendar: Dec. 8th

Dec. 8

We got there early and tried to find a parking spot… to no avail. So we took a slight detour to Applebee’s for dessert. Then went back and tried again, hoping that some folks would be leaving. It took awhile but we did find a spot and had a lovely evening. It wasn’t very cold so we just had to fight the crowds…not the crowd plus freezing temps as it has been in the past.

Ayla & Evren with Mrs. Claus

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2012 Advent Calendar: Dec. 6th

Dec. 6

I took the day off from work today to do what? Bake cookies! 8 DOZEN COOKIES. Ayla’s Girl Scout troop was putting together cookie bags for all the teachers of the middle school and I had committed 5 dozen cookies for that event, but I figured, why stop there? I also packaged more cookies for a couple good friends and two of Evren’s teachers, and even had a few leftover for us to much on the next few days. First cookie baking session of the season! It won’t be the last…


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2012 Advent Calendar: Dec. 5th

Dec. 5

Last year we accidentally started a new annual tradition when we invited ourselves to the Senior Center to see the Community Band play. I still not certain if this is meant to be a “Seniors only” event but we don’t ask and everyone is okay with it. They love us and we love them and it’s a lovely evening. The band director tells jokes throughout the evening, the band plays famous marches and Christmas songs, there was a sweet lady celebrating her 100th birthday and we all sang her Happy Birthday, and then they feed us cake and punch at the end of the evening. Not once did I have to tell either of my children to pay attention, to stop squirming or to quit kicking the back of the seat in front of them. Now… it feels like Christmas.


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2012 Advent Calendar: Dec. 4th

Our virtual craft project (to fit in on a busy homework night) was to collect our favorite Christmas images so we could enjoy them all month. I have a digital photo frame in the kitchen that I use to display some of my favorite art (when I remember to turn it on) and I thought it would be fun to change it up for the holidays! We aren’t quite done but it will look something like this…

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