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Happy 14th Birthday Ayla!

Ayla August 2001

This little angel is 14 years old today.  Believe it.  Or convince me to believe it because I don’t.  There’s no way I can be this old.


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39th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to the two most awesome parents anyone could ever be so lucky to call their own.


I hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it.  Love you!!

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2012 Advent Calendar: Dec. 22nd

Dec. 22

And we did!  Headed South to warm weather and a lovely Christmas with family.  We didn’t do any more Advent Calendar days after this because the rest of our trip was already packed with fun.  We had a mini-family reunion with about 32 people packed into my grandfather’s house on Sunday followed by our first round of presents Sunday night.  On Christmas Eve we relaxed, went shopping and enjoyed family before the kids got to open one present in the evening.  It was a great holiday!


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2012 Advent Calendar: Dec. 21st

Dec. 21

Goodness this was a busy day as we were getting ready to travel.  We did go to the library to load up on books, magazines, DVDs and audiobooks.  Here’s a photo of Evren after we got home from the library completely oblivious to the stress I was under to get us packed.  What you don’t see is that he had tucked under the couch armrest his phone, notepad, and mints.  He said, “Mom, I could stay here all day!”


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Advent Calendar: Dec. 20th

Dec. 20

We did drive around and look at Christmas lights, but not on our intended night… and I didn’t get a photo of anything.  So, instead, here is a photo of Ayla looking fabulous in her new tie-dyed leggings.


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2012 Advent Calendar: Dec. 19th

Dec. 19

The kids needed a big meal to power through exam week. They studied before the food arrived, while we ate and after we got back home. They better bring home some good grades!  Evren casually asked, “Hey mom, after this, how about we go get some dessert?”  Ha!  Uh, no.


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2012 Advent Calendar: Dec. 18th

Dec. 18

A little later than usual, but that’s okay! We got them signed, labeled, stickered up, sealed and in the mailbox! The office is our official Christmas room right now and it’s an absolute disaster…things are happening in there!


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