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Watching: We’re No Angels

We’re No Angels (1955)

We're No Angels

If you are ever looking for a different Christmas movie, this little known film is pretty funny.

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Watching: Abduction

Abduction (2011)


Sharkboy is all grown up!  I enjoy a good on-the-run thriller from time to time, and this one was entertaining enough.  Thank you Netflix Instant.

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Watching: The Tall Man

The Tall Man (2012)

The Tall Man

This movie didn’t receive the greatest ratings, but I thought it was really good.  I originally thought it was more of a horror movie, but it’s actually more action/suspense.  There were a few gaps I would have like to have seen filled in, but overall I think it’s an entertaining way to kill a couple of hours.

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Watching: Butter

Butter (2011)


How did this movie even get made?  With this cast I didn’t think I could go wrong, but it was truly awful.  A sweet, little African-American girl providing a continuous racial commentary is not funny.  Love the actors, hate the movie.

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At the Movies: Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect (2012)

Pitch Perfect

Hilarious!  Awesome movie, just like everyone said.  But, question: when did projectile vomiting become THE thing to do to get laughs?  What in the world?  This movie would be perfect without that, and sadly it’s the thing I remember most.  Otherwise, really great.


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Watching: Carmen Jones

Carmen Jones (1954)

Carmen Jones

Thank goodness for my co-worker who feels sorry for me that I haven’t seen so many of the “classics” and forces me gives me the DVDs to watch.  I never want to watch them but I do so out of guilt and obligation and almost always I enjoy the movie or at least feel slightly more connected to popular culture.  Dorothy Dandridge was phenomenal in this movie and now I understand Halle Berry’s Oscar speech reference to her in 2002 when she won the Academy Award for Monster’s Ball.  What struck me most about this movie though was the roughness (violence?) of the male lead character Joe (Harry Belafonte) towards women.  He was supposedly one of the “good guys” and yet he still pushed Carmen around, grabbed her, threw her … even when he was saying he loved her.  It was sad to see the movie that was her big break possibly mirror her personal life and early death.

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2012 Advent Calendar: Dec. 14th

Dec. 14

Kids’ choice: Nightmare before Christmas. They decided to save Elf (our favorite) for next week “in case Grandma and Grandpa want to watch it too.”


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