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2012 Advent Calendar: Dec. 5th

Dec. 5

Last year we accidentally started a new annual tradition when we invited ourselves to the Senior Center to see the Community Band play. I still not certain if this is meant to be a “Seniors only” event but we don’t ask and everyone is okay with it. They love us and we love them and it’s a lovely evening. The band director tells jokes throughout the evening, the band plays famous marches and Christmas songs, there was a sweet lady celebrating her 100th birthday and we all sang her Happy Birthday, and then they feed us cake and punch at the end of the evening. Not once did I have to tell either of my children to pay attention, to stop squirming or to quit kicking the back of the seat in front of them. Now… it feels like Christmas.


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Gangnam Style

The best thing ever….

You probably don’t want to be in the car with me & Ayla when this song comes on.  We make complete fools of ourselves.


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Listening: Cults

Cults (2011)

Excellent for drowning out noisy co-workers.  Serves a worthy purpose.

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Listening: Scars & Stories

Scars & Stories by The Fray

The cover art is dorky, but I did like this album.  Here is what member Isaac Slade had to say about their album: “We’ve been through a lot of stuff personally, and as band we’re still together, and I think we like the idea of scars you know, because they’re healed you know. They are not like wounds necessarily, but they’re still kind of a road map of where you been, and sometimes kinda point to where you want to go.”

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Cello Wars

Evren shared this video with me today because he loves it…and I love anything that gets an 8-year old to appreciate music.  I have to agree with him, it’s pretty awesome.

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Listening: Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum (2008)

Just for fun and on a whim.  I listened to the cd in the car until I got sick of it.

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Listening: Ceremonials

Ceremonials by Florence and the Machine (2011)

Rolling Stone says it well: she … is a hopeless romantic obsessed with bad romance. Song after song casts relationships as struggle, with a hair’s breadth separating rapture from disaster. For [her], love is a force as vast and violent as nature itself.

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