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2012 Advent Calendar: Dec. 3rd

Photo 8

Ayla played awesome in her basketball game.  As usual.  And the kids enjoyed their treats before we dived into homework checks.

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2012 Advent Calendar: Dec. 2nd

Dec. 2

Instead of pulling out the holiday CDs, this year we used Songza to find a fun Christmas playlist.  Easy!  And we did get all the decorations put up, added more lights to the tree, put all the ornaments on and dragged all those boxes back up to the attic.  It has been so warm lately we had to actually flip the A/C back on so you can say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Almost.


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School Portraits Fall 2012

Beginning of the school year portraits… Ayla is in 8th Grade & Evren is in 4th Grade.

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Cozy on the Couch

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Bedtime Cozy

This is how spoiled Nala is…

…she snores loud but she is so cute.


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Not Helping

Cupcake is the worst puzzle helper ever.

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I am new to Instagram and love it … but the kids aren’t so thrilled that I keep taking their photos.  (But they are so cute!)  Here are my first three photos of three of my very favorite people (…cats).

We were waiting in the doctor’s office for-ev-er and got bored.  Evren was a good sport and did awesome, as usual, when he needed a shot.

I took this photo outside of IHOP.  She was less than thrilled but prefered this photo to the ones I took inside when we were eating pancakes.

Cupcake loves to watch the birds and the bunnies in the morning from the kitchen window.

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